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That Dirt Road Radio Show

Jun 26, 2016

In Today’s show we honor Folk, Ragtime, Blues Legend Dave Van Ronk. Dave was born in Brooklyn New York on June 30 1936 and he died in New york City on Feb 10 2002 at the age of 65. Known as the Mayor of McDougal Street Dave was an important figure in the Folk revival of the early 1960s. With over 40 albums to his credit Dave worked with and influenced the likes of Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and hundreds of other artists. Tune in for more!  

Songs from the Show: Clouds (Both sides now), Did you hear John Hurt, Green Green Rocky Road, Sunday Street

Dave Van Ronk 80th Birthday Celebration: July 1st, 7:00PM, The Commons, Brooklyn NY, 388 Atlantic Ave.